The Band

Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu is credited with saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  This is certainly true with the San Diego Law Enforcement Emerald Society Pipes & Drums.

Since its establishment in 1999, it has been a goal of the Society to establish a Pipe & Drum band.  Finally in the summer of 2014, we made our move to start the band.

The mission of the pipe band is to honor the proud traditions of the Irish, while also paying tribute to the contributions made to American law enforcement by those of us with Irish heritage.  Our priorities include participating in various law enforcement ceremonies and charitable events benefiting law enforcement agencies within San Diego County.  The most solemn among these of course, is to play for those who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty

No previous musical experience is required to join the band and we welcome active and retired law enforcement officers (and non-sworn personnel) and members of their immediate family to participate in the band.

Our goal is to have members representing the various law enforcement agencies and associations within San Diego County, truly making the San Diego Law Enforcement Emerald Society Pipe & Drums the pipe band for the entire region.

More about the SDLEES Pipes & Drums

Band Uniform

Style and Symbolism

A detailed description of our uniform and what it represents.


Answers to common questions

Have a question about the band?  Check here first.  There's no such thing as a stupid question.


Band and Piper Request

Are you or an organization you represent looking for an individual piper or a pipe band?


All members of a local, state or federal law enforcement agency (sworn, non-sworn, active or honorably retired) and members of their immediate family are welcome to join the band.  No prior music experience is necessary.