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The San Diego Law Enforcement Emerald Society (SDLEES) is a non-profit, multiagency organization with the goal of fostering goodwill among the numerous law enforcement agencies within the communities of San Diego. Additionally our goal is to instill, preserve and celebrate the heritage, accomplishments and the dedication of the Irish American Law Enforcement Officers, past and present, and their Gaelic culture.

Each year the Society hosts several events which provide an opportunity for law enforcement professionals to meet and develop relationships to improve communication and cooperation between the numerous local, state and federal agencies throughout the county. This improved communication between agencies results in safer communities and an improved quality of life for all residents and visitors to San Diego County.

There are three levels of membership in the San Diego Law Enforcement Emerald Society:

Regular Membership:
This class of membership requires the applicant to be a sworn peace officer, law enforcement officer or criminal investigator as recognized by the State of California, whether active or retired of Irish heritage or possessing the Irish spirit. Dues for Regular Members are $40.00 per year, due annually on March 17.

Associate Membership:
This class shall consist of any person, not a sworn law enforcement officer, sponsored by a member of this society who is in good standing. The Associate Member must be of good character and support the Constitutional form of Government of the United States. Dues for Associate Members are $40.00 per year, due annually on March 17.

Corporate Membership:
This class of membership is open to reputable businesses, organization or association based in or operating within San Diego County that supports the goals and objectives of the Emerald Society. Memberhip includes listing business, organization or association info on our web site and membership newsletters. Dues for Corporate Members are $100.00 per year, due annually on March 17.

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